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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

At last, a day flying moth

I've seen my first day flying moth of the year today on Ffos Las - a cinnabar.  I know that they are common, but at least it is a start.  There were plenty of the usual butterflies as well but I couldn't count or photograph as I was accompanied by a very bouncy collie who kept shoving her nose at whatever I pointed the camera at frightening the subject away.


  1. Glad that you`ve had something. If it`s any consolation, I went out for an hour or so (woodland/rough ground etc) looking for day-flying moths yesterday, and saw (let alone caught) none. A holly blue and a male brimstone in my Pwll garden again today, the holly blue flying typically higher than the more ground-hugging common blues (which are n`t out yet).

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  3. I found a Ruby Tiger (a first for me) on Monday midday when I was working, flying around our new woodland planting - although very distinctive it took ages for me to ID as I was looking in the wrong section!.