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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Any suggestions please?

As - in spite of the glorious weather - I`ve been stuck indoors or at best in the garden due to jobs being carried out on the house, I thought I`d get out and visit a couple of sites this afternoon. At one site (Mynydd y Garreg) near Kidwelly, I examined a clump of broom in the hope of finding something `mothy` but all I found were some emergence holes (photo below). Are they anything to do with moths perhaps? Any comments would be welcomed.

 Beating gorse at Mynydd y Garreg (and other sites) flushed a lot of the small tortricid Cydia ulicetana - a common and widespread species. You have to be `nifty with your net` to catch them but it may be an easy record for your recording site/s or daytime field work.


    The front page of the Herts Moth Group has a discussion on things found on Broom. Any help? Liz

  2. Thanks Liz...will look at it tomorrow morning - useful.