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Friday, 10 April 2015

A congregation of quakers...and other moths too.

As the forecast looked promising (clear at first, but clouding over in the small hours), I put out three traps last night (9/4), one (MV) at Tyrwaun, Pwll, a second (actinic) at a suburban garden on the western outskirts of Llanelli and a third (actinic) at Furnace Quarry. A fourth trap (actinic at Tyrwaun) had a slack connection and must have come loose sometime during the night.
There were good numbers in all traps (except the last-mentioned, of course!), with, for example, 23 species in the Tyrwaun MV. At this trap, numbers were good eg c.35 early tooth-striped and a strong showing by the seasonal quakers and clouded drabs (checked for lead-coloured drab, but none). March moths (several) and dotted border (one) are persisting late this year, but there was an early v-pug (a very diminutive specimen). Pine beauties were seen at Tyrwaun (two) and Furnace Quarry (one) and satellites were caught at two traps. There were several FFY for me.

                                                             Above: pine beauty
                                                                  Above: satellite.
                                         Above: believed to be a brindled pug.
                                                          Above: nut-tree tussock.
                                                         Above: streamer.
                                                            Above: red chestnut.

Obviously, the season is starting to `move` now, therefore please try to trap so as to get a full range of records for your trap site/s this year. Warm weather is due to return next week.


  1. Excellent stuff, Ian and great pix, too. I've never seen Pine Beauty (insert jealous emoticon symbol here).

  2. Thanks Steve. Regarding pine beauty, there`s plenty of Scot`s pine on a wooded hillside overlooking my garden and the Furnace Quarry site also has pines nearby, growing in large gardens.
    It may be worth trapping tonight, in the hope of getting something migratory on the strong southerlies of the last two days. Good luck!

  3. I've had Pine Beauty from my garden and St A's and both have Scotts pine nearby. Great pics.