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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Rogue emails

Hi everyone, I trust that I can be forgiven for raising this matter here but it seemed to be the easiest way of communicating with all my fellow moth-ers.  Yesterday afternoon my email was hacked and a number of my contacts have received messages purporting to have come from me.  They didn't!  If any of you have received such a message (I know that Jon did) I can only apologise for any inconvenience it has caused.  I am currently preoccupied with damage limitation, but as far as I can see messages are coming and going normally now.  It was Friday 13th yesterday!!
Best wishes to all and happy Moth-ing.


  1. I had one, but recognised it as `dodgy` and deleted it. Hope that you get things sorted and best wishes - Ian.

  2. Clearly post of the week then, Chris! I had one of your dodgy emails, but I thought you were just being friendly!

  3. It's an occupational hazard these days I'm afraid and we have to be on our guard for it. If we are quite clear what we put in the "subject" box then it is usually fairly easy to see if an email is a spoof.