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Thursday, 12 March 2015

More variety, but numbers low....

I put an actinic out at home last night (11/3) and had several FFYs, with a greater variety of moths than of late. The moths caught were: early grey (a pink-suffused form), engrailed, hebrew character, oak beauty, common quaker and dotted border; all as singles only.

                                         Above: last night`s engrailed.

PS. As I put away the trap, I noticed two March moths and a brown house moth Hofmannophila pseudospretella on the other side of the trap, so eight species in total.

                                         Above: a poor photo of the two March moths.

Yet another PS....I went to my immediate neighbours` house this morning and casually mentioned that I had moth-trapped last night. He then said, "have a look at all the moths on my wall" - and there were six March moths, an early grey, an engrailed, a Hebrew character and two dotted borders! He had erected a conservatory-type extension last summer and, due to a problem of flies entering the house in warm weather, had installed an actinic `insect zapper` inside. This only impacts on the relatively few that enter the house but, as it is permanently on, also attracts moths as the light is visible from outside. These probably include `my` moths and I`ll have get his permission to keep an eye on it in 2015!


  1. Well done Johnny, I may trap the weekend as it doesn't look too bad.

  2. How does the cost of a zapper compare with a Heath trap? You may have made an important economic discovery there, Ian. And dead moths are surely easier to photograph than live ones! Make sure you keep Johnny up to speed on this.