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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Making a start

Cwmllwyd 11 March 2015: MV. Very fine misty drizzle all night, but mild and not much wind.

Pale Brindled Beauty x 2; March Moth x 2; Early Grey x 1; Agonopterix heracliana x 1 (plus Mottled Grey x 1 - see edit, below)..

Pale Brindled Beauty

Early Grey

Edit: Missed this one in the dawn gloom - Mottled Grey (silly me).


  1. Well done Steve, I've yet to catch anything, although I've only tried twice. May the year be prosperous for all.

  2. Nice photos Steve, and the mottled grey is a nice catch. I think the forecast is for cooler weather over the next few days so a bit unsuitable for trapping.

  3. Thanks, both, for your comments - we've had Mottled Grey a few times, most recently in 2012.