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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Cwmllwyd in the rain

Drizzle and breeze during the evening, but no prospect of frost, so I set up the MV trap in the lee of the barn to see what might venture forth. By dawn, a gale was blowing and bringing with it a fair amount of rain, but nevertheless the trap had attracted 23 macromoths of 11 species, none of which were firsts for the year, but including a second Red Sword-grass for this month.

 Pale Brindled Beauty and Oak Beauty

 Red Sword-grass

Taking a nap! (Foot and lower part of  hind leg dark red-brown: Waring).


  1. Full marks for trying Steve! Red sword grass is a scarce moth in my experience. The first part of tonight looks ok but then, there`s heavy rain in the early hours, so I probably won`t try...we`ll see (I may change my mind!).

  2. Sunday night should be better, but we will lose an hour, so fewer moths!