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Saturday, 7 March 2015

A bit more luck last night....a hasty post

In spite of the previous night`s poor show, I put out one actinic at home last night (Fri, 6.3.15) and was rewarded by a larger selection of moths - a pristine oak beauty and a pale brindled beauty and also the season`s first fresh common quakers and a clouded drab. Still a slow season though.

                                      Above: an imperfect photo of last night`s oak beauty.


  1. Well done Ian. Not quite so lucky up at Cwmllwyd: the cold winds of Thursday night led to only three moths seen - a solo March Moth and two Chestnuts, so I decided to try again last night. Although warmer, the wind was even stronger and at 05:30 I found Robinson trap parts scattered over a surprisingly wide area. The rain guard for the MV lamp was quite difficult to find (a disc of clear plastic blown into blackthorn scrub), but the lamp itself was easily spotted as it was still shining brightly while top down in long grass! No movable part of the trap had remained in place, but nothing at all was damaged. No moths were captured here last night.

  2. Wow Steve what a performance, you were lucky to find everything! What fun we have, can't wait to start catching again, tried twice with no luck.