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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Thanks once again to Ian for another excellent newsletter. Well done!
This has now been added to our newsletter section on the RHS.  It is a fair sized document, so when you do click the link, give it time to download


  1. May I also express gratitude to Ian, Sam and Dave for another most interesting newsletter - it's an outstanding piece of work from all.

  2. I also want to say thanks to Ian, Sam & Dave for the newsletter, many thanks for all the help last year and encouragement.........

  3. Thanks all - the Moth Group is very much a joint effort and it was Sam`s major article that adds interest to the latest newsletter. I`ve always said that the frequent feed-back of a regular newsletter is vital for a group like ours and these days, we`ve also got the blog performing a similar complimentary function. We had some `top-notch` records (with photos) recently sent in by a visiting recorder from a site in NE Carms, as a result of him being sent our newsletter by a local contact. The records included some real crackers such as sprawler and brindled ochre...and others (to be summarised in the next newsletter!).