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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Winter Moth Trapping

Seeing that a few are still doing the occasional trapping session, I thought that it may be appropriate to draw attention to the surprisingly large number, of probably under-recorded moths, that emerge over the winter period. It will be still worth `having a go` on those rare nights when conditions are good (mild and overcast, without torrential rain) and I`ll be having the rare trapping session from now until early spring. It`s surprisingly difficult to get the right overnight weather this time of year but you may also have the odd moth coming to kitchen or other lights, so always keep a container handy to pot up for identification! Look out too for hibernating moths such as heralds or even tissues in old buildings, caves etc.
Some `winter moths` to be aware of are:
December moth (Oct-Jan), March moth (March - Apr), Nov. moth agg. (Sept -Nov), winter moth (Oct-Jan), northern winter moth (Oct-Dec), feathered thorn (Sept-Nov), pale brindled beauty (Jan-March), small brindled beauty (Feb-March), spring usher (Jan-March), scarce umber (Oct-Nov), dotted border (Feb-Apr), mottled umber (Oct-Dec) and early moth (Jan-Feb). There are also several noctuids that are autumnal species or emerge after hibernation (or fly on mild winter nights).
The majority of the above are probably not uncommon in Carmarthenshire, but just badly under-recorded, so perhaps consider a little trapping and add them to your home square.


  1. Plus there's the potential for winter immigrations, eg Euchromius ocellea; the other Diurnea (the uncommon autumnal lipsiella, rather than the common spring flagella); the long-winged Tortricid Exapate congellata (still needed for Carms); and the chance of Momphids emerging from hibernation (albeit usually easiest by being observant indoors).

    I assume you mean Early Moth rather than Early Thorn, Ian.

    A Rusty-dot Pearl has just landed on the window here...

  2. Yes....early moth (rather than thorn)...typing in a rush!

  3. PS....I`ve just corrected the `main text` of the blog above.