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Monday, 17 November 2014


I also put the trap out last night (16th) and was pleased to have 8 species in and around the trap this morning: December moth (4), November agg., Winter moth, Mottled umber, Red-line quaker, Feathered thorn (5), Rusty-dot pearl and this - couldn't decide when i had it in the hand but is it a chestnut as opposed to dark chestnut?


  1. I`d say that it`s just a chestnut, Vaughn. To my eyes, the dark chestnut has a straighter outer edge of the fore-wing and with the the wing-tips much more `sharp`/`at right-angles`.
    Really mild and warm today, with a warm wind - two red admirals, a bumblebee, a couple of hive bees and a common darter in the garden, and a mistle thrush singing! However, too clear to moth-trap tonight.

  2. Thanks Ian - might be my last Carms trap of the year but not sure yet

  3. Yes, things are slowing down now.