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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Mines Stigmella aurella.....

.....I think,

But who is this little fellow?

About 12mm in length. Food plant unknown; could be any hedgerow shrub (or, possibly, bramble): maybe a really dense hardwood, as it fell off my head on returning from the fields at Cwmllwyd! Help would be very much appreciated.


  1. Looks a bit like a magpie moth Steve, but best to get confirmed by someone who is 100% re the det. I had my home actinic trap out last night but only had mottled umber x1,rusty-dot pearl x2, feathered thorn x1 and Nov moth agg x1.
    I can`t seem to get the `New Post` option up on my Carms Moth Gp (and other) blogs, with `Dashboard` appearing in its place. Any advice from anyone, please email my NEW (ie `yahoo`) email address please.

  2. If not a magpie, try looking up sawflies.....

  3. Definitely a Magpie. A rare instance of the caterpillar being the same colours as the moth.

    I found one on a Blackthorn twig in southern Ceredigion last week while doing a Brown Hairstreak egg survey.