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Friday, 28 November 2014

Llansteffan Moths

Another three I can't id, trapped on 18/07/14. As always I need help and many thanks.

Tortrix of some kind?

Next two are the same moth, I was thinking Scrobipalpa?

Not the pug, but answers on a post card plz

Thanks George & Dave, I have added another two photo's.


  1. First one is a female E. postvittana.

    2nd looks like Bryotropha terrella so I guess the third must be the same, though it looks quite different!

    Last one might be Holly Tortrix, Rhopobota naevana, but hard to be sure from the pic.

  2. Thank you George. I can never decide what LBA moth is, I've only got books with the male in. 2nd looks good from UKmoths and third looks good for Holly Tortrix as well. You know your stuff :-)

  3. It is actually a male E. postvittana - you can see the costal fold. This form has become much commoner of the past few years and has led to a fair bit of confusion. I'd want to dissect the two gelechiids - they look an odd colour for Bryotropha terrella but that could just be an artefact of the photo.

  4. Dave, you're the expert at spotting costal folds!

    I assumed the odd colour of the glechiid in the 1st photo was an artefact, as the 2nd one looks a more typical colour. However, the resting posture looks wrong for B terrella in the 2nd one!

  5. As Mel is trapping at a coastal site I'd be wary of IDing the Bryotropha without dissection too.