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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Llansteffan moths

Caught this on 2/7/14 but I can't find any matches for it, the closest I get is Waved Carpet.
Help needed as always, many thanks.


  1. For what it's worth, I think you're right and well done indeed - another Nationally Scarce species for your collection!

  2. Is that what it is! What a year I've had. I think I've done well because no-one traps here that I know of and everything seems new for this area. Many thanks Steve, here's to next year.

  3. Yep, looks good for it, hopefully Sam can confirm.

  4. Well done Mel, that's another scarce moth. Most Carms records are from inland sites, although Jon had it several times at Pembrey. The nearest records to you are from Coombe (about 5 km to the NW) and Morfa Bychan (over the other side of Pendine, but similar coastal woodland).

  5. I wasn't sure of this one thinking it could be an odd looking common moth, and from my home trap! I'm encouraged to do a lot more next year.
    Many thanks to all comments I appreciate it all.