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Monday, 3 November 2014

Llansteffan moths

Can I ask for help in i/d ing these few moths, they were trapped on June 25th, seems a long time ago now....


No.3 is a worn specimen


No.5 is a Coleophora but which?

No.6 is the same as above just a different shot
Many thanks to all and great work on the newsletter Ian.

No.7 this moth trapped on 29th June not the best photo

Sorry for out of focus shots my only excuse can be that I was half asleep when I took them.


  1. I think the Coleophoras are probably impossible from photos. No 3 looks like a worn Rustic/Uncertain (probably the latter). No 1 might be Phtheochroa inopiana and No 7 might be Plodia interpunctella ( a distinctive species but hard to be sure from the photo). No 4 looks distinctive but I don't know what it is!

    Over to Sam...

  2. Many thanks George, the Coleophora's I posted back in June and they weren't id then! Not good photo's.......I must do better

  3. Even with really good photos most of the Coleophs wouldn't be identifiable, though a few are just about do-able from photos! Many of them need dissecting unfortunately...

  4. Good call on Phtheochroa inopiana! Thanks George. I reckon No 4 is Phalonidia affinitana as the markings fit, it's got the dark tornal spot, and Mel is trapping by a saltmarsh. I can't make number 7 out at all: it looks as though it should be really obvious but it just doesn't fit anything. Have you any more pics Mel?

  5. Actually, looking at photos of Phalonidia affinitana online, I think 1 is probably this species too - the markings don't look quite right for inopiana.

    Pretty sure 7 is a pyralid/crambid. I found a photo of Plodia online in a similar pose, but again the markings don't look quite right.