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Monday, 17 November 2014

Easy trapping at Pwll

Looking at the weather conditions outside early yesterday evening (16/11/14), I thought that it might be worth putting out a trap, as it was mild and cloudy and unlike the clear conditions of the previous night. However, on checking the forecast, I was disappointed to note that heavy rain was predicted at  3.00am and at first light - and I did n`t want to get wet checking my trap! So, it was decided to put the trap out just for a few hours, from 6.00 to 11.00pm.
For the season, there was a respectable haul of moths - nine species in total (three of them migrants). They were: feathered thorn x3, November moth agg. x3, chestnut x1, mottled umber x 1, December moth x1, Epiphyas postvittana x1 and the migrants, silver y x1, rusty-dot pearl x2 and rush veneer x1.

                                         Above: rush veneer Nomophila noctuella.

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