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Monday, 3 November 2014

Autumn newsletter

Could I also add my congrats to Ian for another excellent newsletter. I have attached a link to it opposite, as with all links please let me know if there is ever a problem.


  1. Thank you again Colin.
    The moth season suddenly seems to be coming to an end, but it`ll be worth trying your traps on perfect nights - you may not get good numbers but there may be something really exciting like a Sprawler (now, that will make me jealous!). If there are periods of southerly winds too there may be a chance of migrants...I`ll tip off the regulars by email (and post something on the blog) if the latter is the case. Next week I`ll be inputting my 2014 records to get them to Sam, and it`ll be good if others can do likewise in due course, so that he can get an overview of our 2014 efforts.

  2. I've just processed 500 records from Steve Lucas in about 15 minutes as he was kind enough to provide them in the 'columns' format, also 50 roving records from Steve Clarke which took about 3 minutes because they were in the other 'official' format. It's greatly appreciated when big datasets come in using the VC44 spreadsheets or MapMate as it saves me hours of faff!