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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Against stupidity - the Gods themselves - contend in vain. Isaac Asimov 1972.

Defying both good advice, as well as obvious common sense, I lit the blue touch paper on the MV trap again last night and was rewarded with one micro: Rusty Dot Pearl. And I'm well pleased with it, too, despite the fact that it has already been reported several times throughout the county. It's a somewhat late FFY, last seen at Cwmllwyd in 2011 and migrants have been as rare as hens' teeth up here this year - no Clouded Yellows, no Humming Bird Hawk-moths, two Dark Sword-grass and (almost unbelievably) only three Silver Ys! A very odd year, indeed.


  1. You are so funny..... I also put the trap out last night from about dark till 10pm and I didn't get a dickybird, so I pulled it back in and I think thats me done for this year!

  2. And what a good year you've had. Definitely a bright star over Llansteffan.

  3. Thanks Steve, I've really enjoyed this year, I hope to get a actinic for next year so I can trap on the cliffs & maybe on the small dunes we have here. I think you have caught just as many nice moths on your lovely paths. Here's to 2015.