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Saturday, 11 October 2014

Who needs a moth trap when you`ve got a front door?

Rushing to take the bags of shopping in before an impending heavy shower this morning, I noticed a micro on the surrounding stonework of my front door so I edged carefully past so as not to disturb it. I fetched my camera, took a couple of photos of it in situ and then potted it up in a glass tube, before putting the shopping away.
Looking at the moth with a hand lens, I realised that I had a `good one` - Tebenna micalis, a species that is being recorded in other counties in recent weeks but not, I believe, in Carmarthenshire (though there is one 2011 record from the county).

                                         Above: awaiting me on the wall!

Above: a quick photo - I`ll replace this with a better one in due course. Click on photo to enlarge.

So, two good records from my front door in two days - I`ll now need something good for a `hat trick` oleander hawk-moth will do nicely please!
Actually, about  10 years ago, a striped hawk-moth was similarly resting by the front door, with my then young son saying, `look at that big moth Dad!` - he had a small present bought for spotting that!


  1. I seem to recall that the 2011 record was made by Mel at Llansteffan?

  2. Ooh I'll have to look that up, my memory fails me!

  3. Perhaps it was n`t you, Mel! Sam will know...

  4. Have just found the 1st was Sam himself - at Pembrey Country Park on 12.11.11.

  5. Yes, that was the Tebenna I spotted by day on a flower at Pembrey CP, while on my way to my first ever skiing lesson.

    Well done on getting one during the 2014 influx!