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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Still moths around....

I put out two actinics in the garden last night and had 13 spp - silver y x1, red-line quaker x2, angle shades x1, Nov moth agg x 6, sallow x3, green brindled crescent x4, feathered thorn x1, black rustic x7, chestnut x3, common marbled carpet x12, Blair`s shoulder-knot x2 and (the most interesting of the catch) a single feathered ranunculus. Also, the tortricid  Acleris emargana.
So, it is still worth trapping if the night-time weather is suitable.

                                      Above: feathered ranunculus, Tyrwaun, Pwll 22.10.14.


  1. We have both caught a Feathered Ranunculus, gr8. We sometimes catch similar stuff and I can i/d mine by looking at your posts. I don't think I can trap for the next week but Friday night doesn't look too bad so may just try.

  2. know I`ve `got to keep up with the Joneses` Mel!.....but I`ve never seen a vapourer, as you caught recently.
    Yes, Friday night currently looks ok and, if so, I`ll be trapping.

  3. Well i'm gllad you had a decent catch Ian because all i got was 4 (not especially interesting) species at Parc Slip last night, despite it looking not bad...can trap in Carms on saturday but not sure what the forecast is...

  4. I`ve put several traps out tonight (Friday)...we`ll see what happens!