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Monday, 6 October 2014

Some more leaf mines...

I too went to look for leaf mines yesterday afternoon (but got rather distracted finding some interesting weeds and identifying some planted exotic trees!) but my offerings are shown below. I`ve scribbled down my first shots at i/d here at home but a couple are confusing me. Incidentally, I checked several London planes in Llanelli and none had mines - alas!

Above: on planted whitebeam Sorbus x intermedia, opposite `Ty Elwyn`, Llanelli.

Above: crack willow Salix fragilis and grey willow S. cinerea. Old Brickworks, Pwll.

Above: rowan Sorbus aucuparia, Cwm Pant footpath, Cilymaenllwyd.

Above: wild cherry Prunus avium, Cilymaenllwyd. Note different mine on middle leaf.

Above: on sweet chestnut Castanea sativa, Cilymaenllwyd.

Above: hornbeam Carpinus betulus and Turkey oak Quercus cerris, Cilymaenllwyd.

Above: hornbeam Carpinus (with fruit on right), Peoples Park, Llanelli.

Above: on wych elm Ulmus glabra, banks of Afon Lliedi near Albert St, Llanelli.


  1. Whitebeam - Lyonetia clerkella. Common on Rosaecous trees, wandering across leaf including over midrib often
    Willow - a Phyllonorycter (not IDable); perhaps Caloptilia stigmatella or not a miner
    Rowan - Phyllonorycter sorbi
    Cherry - Lyonetia clerkella. The middle leaf is a Sweet Chestnut ;-)
    Sweet Chestnut - Phyllonorycter messaniella
    Hornbeam - Stigmella ? floslactella (check frass in early part of mine with a lens to see if it's narrow with clear edges or fills the mine)
    Turkey Oak - Phyllonorycter messaniella/quercifoliella/harrisella
    Wych Elm - Stigmella lemniscella

  2. Thanks Sam. Re cherry above - yes, middle leaf IS sweet chestnut! Trying to multi-task when taking photos!
    Re the hornbeam leaf - have thrown unfortunately, so cannot det.