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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Llansteffan moths

Put the trap on the patio last night, I didn't expect a large catch as it was very windy, but I did get four moths, a Beaded Chestnut, a Common Marbled Carpet,  Lunar Underwing and what I think is Feathered Ranunculus, not sure as I haven't had one before.  Its' a shame the season is coming to an end :-(


  1. Looks like a feathered ranunculus to me - well done Mel! I have n`t trapped that species this year but had a lot at Pembrey Burrows in 2014; I`ve also had them here at Tyrwaun previously.

  2. Feathered Ranunculus (and it certainly looks like one of those to this novice) was described in Jon's 2006 report as "Extremely rare" and he added the note that Carms records were confirmed by sightings of three found in mid October at Llansteffan beach toilet block. Sam's 2013 list shows only 11 sightings until now! Great capture: almost as good as your Vapourer and definite proof that the season is very much NOT over yet! Very well done.

  3. Thanks a lot guy's, it great to get feedback on my catches, I thought Ian had caught a few of these so it wasn't that rare, great stuff and from my own garden.