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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Leaf-mining lepidoptera link

Hi all,

Further to a great afternoon in the sunshine looking for leaf mines, the link for the leaf-mining lepidoptera key should now be on the blog page (titled British Leafminers).

Thanks all for an enjoyable Saturday afternoon

Happy hunting!



  1. Thanks Ali - impressively efficient! Especially so because you link straight to the mine key. There's a link near the top of that page to "Download this key" so you can click to download either as PDF or Word.
    The on-line version allows one to click a foodplant (either English or Latin) and that will list all the leafmining MOTHS on that plant. You can then read the descriptions of those moths' mines, or click on the moth name for photos of its mines.
    Beware though, that key covers only moths. For many plants - such as Hazel, Beech, Norway Maple, St John's Wort - life is simple. For others there's the possibility of lookalike mines from various flies, beetles or sawflies. This is a big problem for Oak and Hawthorn, but as Oak and Hawthorn moth mines are really difficult you're best avoiding them for the moment anyway.
    If you click on the Plants link at the top of the leafmines website, you'll get a list of host plants (Latin only I'm afraid) which you can then click on to reveal all the miners including Lepidoptera. e.g. Sally's raspberry miner today was the fly Agromyza idaeiana.
    It is very worthwhile clicking through a few plant names to see what the non-moth mines look like.

  2. Phew!...yes, that was quick! Thanks Alison.

  3. Thanks Ali, was going to go out and search for leaf mines but pouring with rain so good opportunity to check blog and print off key instead.