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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Gelli Aur mines

We only identified one adult moth - 5+ Spruce Carpet that were disturbed in the arboretum; a micro (probably Tortricid or Agonopterix) that I disturbed and Sally saw in flight was not netted.  The mines were rather more productive.

Horse Chestnut - Cameraria ohridella (Gracillariidae)
Norway Maple - Phyllonorycter platanoidella (Gracillariidae) 5th Carms site
Firethorn (Pyracantha) - Phyllonorycter leucographella (Gracillariidae) 10th Carms site
Bramble - Stigmella aurella (Nepticulidae)
Bramble - Emmetia marginea (Tischeriidae)
Raspberry - Stigmella splendidissimella (Nepticulidae) and some fly mines
St John's-wort - Ectoedemia septembrella (Nepticulidae)
Crab Apple - Stigmella malella (Nepticulidae)
Crab Apple - Ectoedemia atricollis (Nepticulidae)
Beech - Stigmella tityrella (Nepticulidae)
Beech - Phyllonorycter maestingella (Gracillariidae) plus a couple of P messaniella (see below)
Sweet Chestnut - Phyllonorycter messaniella (Gracillariidae)
Rosebay Willowherb - Mompha raschkiella (Momphidae)
Willow - Stigmella salicis (Nepticulidae)
Rose - Stigmella anomalella (Nepticulidae)
Oak - Stigmella svenssoni (Nepticulidae) provisional ID
Oak - Phyllonorycter quercifoliella (Gracillariidae)

So 17 leafminers in all.

Thanks everyone!


  1. The raspberry leaf I gave you Sam - did this have both Stigmella splendidissimella and fly mines on it or was there another leaf involved? If former assume then it is possible to have mines of more than one species on one leaf?

    Thanks to those who organised the afternoon and for the invaluable advice from the experts. A very enjoyable afternoon. When I got back I found a Rush Veneer in the polytunnel.

  2. How do you want records of leaf mines submitted?

  3. I think it was you who gave me the Raspberry leaf with the big blotch mines - those were a fly (as mentioned in my comment after Ali's posting). There was also a linear fly mine alongside the Stigmella splendidissimella (which has a very narrow linear frass line).

    If leaf mine records come from the same (general) location as your trap site (ie same 1km square) then please add them to the columns spreadsheet but with 'mines' instead of a count. If they come from various places then please use the non-columns spreadsheet.