Sunday, 14 September 2014

Worth another try?

Last night in the alder grove at Cwmllwyd as few as 58 moths of 19 species were attracted to the MV trap - and more than half that number were Brimstones or Flame Carpets. Was it worth it? Well, yes it was, for I would hate to miss interesting autumn species by failing to give it a go. As well as the second Bordered Beauty of 2014, we had the first Red-green Carpet and Hedge Rustic of the year for this site.

Hedge Rustic

Bordered Beauty

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  1. The bordered beauty is nice Steve and is certainly a `beauty` of a moth (I have not had one this year). My moth tally for Friday night has crept up to 21, after I det/checked a handful that I`d put into the fridge (as I was in a rush), including a couple of rather drab species - Vine`s rustic and small mottled willow.It`s rather murky here at present (c2.00pm) so I was slightly optimistic that tonight might be ok...but it`s due to clear overnight (for Llanelli anyway)...might be different inland.