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Thursday, 4 September 2014

White Ermines in a muddle

There have been wandering White Ermine larvae on the roads, and last night I had a pristine imago to the light at Cnwc (photo below).  2nd brood (or just very late) White Ermine isn't particularly rare in southern Britain, but we have very few Carms records outside its usual May-July flight period.  There are 677 records of this species in the database, and just 5 from late August and early September: 17/8/2003, 19/8/2003, 4/9/2006, 24/8/2006 & 6/9/2009.  2003 and 2006 were big migration years, and I wonder whether autumn White Ermines tie in somehow with warm weather that also aids migration (I'm not yet suggesting they are migrants themselves).  Anyway, moths are never predictable!

Supporting cast included Ypsolopha dentella (photo), 5 Acleris laterana, 2 Hedge Rustic, 1 Feathered Gothic, 1 Small Wainscot and 1 Purple Bar.

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