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Friday, 12 September 2014

Way out west

Last weekend we spent a couple of nights staying at a friend's house in Marloes, in far western Pembrokeshire.  By good chance, we were opposite the house of "Mark & Sam" from the Pembs moth blog, and they lent me their Actinic for a night: no great surprises but a nice Oblique Carpet was the highlight.  Our friend John Walmsley also ran an MV in his garden, which produced a bumper haul of moths including 3 excellent species of Micro:
Epermenia aequidentellus (3rd Pembs record, 5th for S Wales and a 'tick' for me)

Monopis crocicapitella (very uncommon, and the first I've seen since moving away from Pembs.  Note all the yellow scaling in the apical area, to differentiate from the slightly commoner M obviella)
Celypha cespitana (common on coasts, and more contrasty than C. lacunana, without the 'lacuna' across the central bar)


  1. Footnote from West Pembs: I caught a Monopis crocicapitella last year on Aug 19th. and "Mark & Sam" had an Epermenia aequidentellus in July this year. Rosemary Royle

  2. Thanks Rosemary. Mark told me he'd caught aequidentellus; I had assumed mine would have been new! It looks as though M crocicapitella might be quite a Pembs speciality.