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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Wainscots added fun to the autumn party - with another guest popping in....

One advantage of my coastal garden are regular visits by l-album wainscots, of which I had five last night. They were joined by another wainscot - a shore wainscot, presumably a second brood individual in this `year of second broods`. Yellow-tails also re-appeared as `second brooders`. Some 25+ species of moth were caught including shuttle-shaped darts, pale mottled willows, black rustics (more as the month proceeds) and several (4) large ranunculus.

Above: an imperfect photo of the shore wainscot (middle) with two of the l-album wainscots.

Above: one of last night`s yellow-tails, in `tail-up` mode.

What was believed to be the tortricid Acleris sparsana was caught (photo below - please correct if I`m wrong).

                                         Above: Acleris sparsana?

Above: this noctuid is puzzling it a dark form of a turnip moth? - I don`t know (I`ll have `proper look` later).

Above: not a moth, but you may be interested to know what this little beetle is that turns up in moth traps - it`s Lagria hirta.

I mentioned `another guest` in the title - it was a delicate, the first time that I`ve had this migrant since the glorious migrant year of 2006 (when I had it on the 26th Sept)`s still worth trapping after all!

Above: the delicate, pausing in a wing-vibrating episode after a spell in the fridge.


  1. Fabulous stuff, Ian. That's only the 10th Carmarthenshire Delicate. There have been several in Pembs recently, so I was hoping someone would get one here. The other Noctuid looks like a Pearly Underwing to me, but you'll need to have a think about its size and chunkiness with the actual moth in front of you.

  2. Thanks Sam I`ll have a look at the `mystery moth``s been a mad rush today!