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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

`Turning over a new leaf`....

Following Sam`s blog regarding leaf mines on lime and willows, I had a `whistle-stop` tour of some urban edge sites this afternoon. The only thing I found on lime was the sticky exudate, which had turned black and with plenty of ladybird larvae aphid hunting; I had no luck with the clump of white willows that I examined and I also unsucessfully checked at least five other willow species and varieties ( Salix alba, viminalis, fragilis var furcata, purpurea and daphnoides), just in case!
Several horse chestnuts had the leaf miner Cameraria ohridella and I found a mine on Alnus cordata (Italian alder), photos below:

                                         Above: horse chestnut leaf miner.

                                         Above: unknown leaf mine on Alnus cordata.


  1. The twin trails on the alder mine indicate non-Lep I'm afraid.

  2. Thanks Sam for the latter useful hint.