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Friday, 26 September 2014

Trapping in the rain....

Following Steve Clarke`s and Vaughn Matthew`s successes in trapping in the rain recently, I put out a trap at home (Tyrwaun) and also at an easily-visited local site (Furnace Quarry) last night; the rain was actually very light. My home trap had a modest 12 species, with Furnace Quarry doing better with 17 species.
They included large ranunculus (6 individuals at Furnace Quarry, 2 at Tyrwaun), beaded chestnut (my FFY, Tyrwaun), flounced chestnut (also FFY for me, Furnace), frosted orange (FFY, Furnace), centre-barred sallow (Furnace) and large wainscot (Furnace).

Above: beaded chestnut (slightly vibrating its wings to warm up after a spell in the fridge).

Above: square-spot rustic, a drab regular (in some numbers) in traps at present.

At present (check later!) the forecast for tonight looks quite good for trapping - please trap if you can, to record autumn species.

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