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Thursday, 18 September 2014

The North-western Frontier


This is the closest Carmarthenshire gets to Mynydd Preseli - the hill in the background is in Pembs.  This lane (SN1628) produced 11 species of leaf-miner - including 4 species on Rowan - and a larva of Agnopterix ciliella.  The Rowan miners nicely complimented a list of 18 leaf-miners from the Eastern Cleddau valley at Rhydwilym (SN1124) from earlier in the day - including Stigmella speciosa on Sycamore - and the Bedellia list from SN1327 on Tuesday.  Carms SN12 had just one species of leaf-miner recorded until this year, and fewer than 30 species of Micro all-told, so it's good to have boosted the tally a bit this year. 

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