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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Salem Friday night

As others did, I had a pretty good catch on friday night with 25 macro species and about 11 micro species. Brimstone was by far the most numerous with 33 individuals followed by small wainscot (14), small square-spot (9) and green carpet (8). Highlights (or lowlights as they confirm autumn is here) were centre-barred sallow and sallow, hedge rustic, feathered gothic and a solitary devon carpet. Others coxcomb prominent, pebble hook-tip, dusky thorn and copper underwing.

Micros I managed to id included C.lacunana, Carcina quercana, Pyrausta aurata, Epinotia nisella, garden rose and barred fruit-tree tortrix. There were 3 that i wasn't sure of though so some help would be appreciated...
Mompha divisella?

Eudonia truncicolella?

I've had it before but can't remember what it was...


  1. I think that must be M. divisella though the head/thorax are very pale.

    I'm not very good with scoparids from photos but it looks good for truncicolella.

    The last moth is one of the many forms of Epinotia nisella.

  2. Thanks George, I must admit i did think nisella (I had another colour form in the trap too) but couldn't find one to match this anywhere!