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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Rare breed grazing Marsh Fritillary sites

Searches for Marsh Fritillary larval webs can reveal all sorts of the unexpected. Those of you with a keen eye will spot immediately the contents of the photo. Yes, Valli, an elephant grazes the Marsh Fritillary meadow of Skanda Vale, west of Alltwallis. He's managed to avoid rolling on 4 larval webs found by Dave Bannister & David Redhead on Thursday last. Yesterday, there was also a Black Darter present.

Marsh Fritillaries are showing well around Brynamman to Garnant to Cwmgors with 5 new one km squares added to records this year and 15 separate fields with webs present.


  1. Well done Richard et al!
    I remember going to Skanda Vale in c 1983, botanising. I did n`t know of an elephant being kept there and when I heard a distant call of an elephant (and it sounded like an elephant), I told myself not to be so daft.
    A little later, I had a huge fright and nearly jumped 6 ft into the air. I was wearing shorts and I felt something on my leg, looked down and there was this `grey-brown python`! It was, of course, the trunk of a (youngish) elephant!
    I must be the only person in Carmarthenshire who has had (of all things!) an elephant sneak up on him!

    1. Steady on now Ian, we don't want you going back into therapy - keep up with the deep breathing exercises...

  2. We have just done an article on her new low energy house in Green Building mag so I had the privilege of spending some time with her which I thoroughly enjoyed.