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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Please look at Laburnum leaves

More leaves - sorry!

It's time to check your local Laburnum for mines of Leucoptera laburnella.  It is widely recorded in the county, but should be far commoner than the records suggest.  The white blotch mines are really obvious, but please check for a narrow initial mine leading to the blotch (as in the photo) to rule out some lookalike fly mines.  A broad linear fly mine is also visible at about 2 o'clock on the photographed leaf.  At this time of year, silken cocoon spinnings are visible under the leaf in the Leucoptera; flies don't make these.

I saw two other interesting mines in Monmouthshire yesterday: Phyllocnistis saligna on White Willow and Bucculatrix thoracella on Common Lime.  Both species could be in SE Carms, but I doubt anyone has looked...


  1. Well done on saligna Sam - I must look for this species in Cardiff (not on VC41 list yet).

    B. thoracella is abundant on the street limes in Cardiff, but is under-recorded nearly everywhere else.

  2. I`ve not seen saligna....I`ve been looking at Salix (as I`ve had a `botanical interest` in that genus for a while) but not seen it, but will be vigilant in the `planted willow rich` SE Carms area....I must check lime too. An useful posting Sam.