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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Out and about - trapping `away from home` 26/9/14.

My home trapping had become a little jaded, so I set out two traps `away from home` last night, not a `maximum effort` but at two nearby sites to home -a wet acidic pasture with birch scrub site at Cencoed-uchaf and mixed deciduous woodland at Cilymaenllwyd, Pwll. There was no particular rush this morning to get to the traps, as in high summer, due to the ever-darkening mornings (and preceding evenings), so it was an easy 7.00 am journey to collect them.
At Cencoed-uchaf, there were c15 spp, including green brindled crescent and flounced chestnut and two micros (see below). There was also a surprisingly late marsh oblique-striped, a tiny noctuid that mimics a micro!

                                         Above: the minute noctuid, marsh oblique-barred.

Above: (two photos) - is this Epinotia bilunana? The habitat (birches etc) is right, but the season is wrong - I don`t know...I`m very much a beginner with most micros!

                                         Above: is this Epinotia caprana please?

The Cilymaenllwyd locality yielded nine species, including rosy rustic, beaded chestnut and pale mottled willow.

It is still very much worth trapping - to get the full suite of autumn species if you are home trapping and there are several moths that are worth targeting if you trap away from home. So please continue!
Sam alerted me to good mothing conditions tonight, so I`ll be putting my home traps out, to see what turns up. I will blog if anything of interest is caught.
Please remember, a week today, that our Moth Group will be meeting at Gelli Aur - 2.00pm on 4th October. I`ll post a more complete reminder in the week.


  1. The first Tort is Epinotia ramella - feeds on Birch and is on the wing until October. There are 22 Carms records, most from Pembrey.
    The unicolorous one could be E caprana, but equally could be E sordidana or E brunnichana. You'll need to check its hindwings if you've still got it.

  2. Thanks Sam..still a lot to learn re the torts! The latter one has been released.