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Friday, 12 September 2014

Nice night, but little seen!

Far too bright and pretty cool, really. Nevertheless, the MV trap at Cwmllwyd attracted the first August Thorn of the year (as well as Canary-shouldered Thorn)

August Thorn

 and the first Pink-barred Sallow (as well as Centre-barred).

 Pink-barred Sallow

The second Copper Underwing of the year was found, as well as a pair of Gold Spots (one of which posed for this picture).
Gold Spot

Almost half of the moths in, or around, the trap were Brimstones. Also seen were a couple of Pipistrelles and my friendly Tawny Owl was nearby.


  1. A good try and great, `top-notch` photos Steve! It`ll be worth re-trying tonight - hopefully, it`ll be cloudier and warmer (so the Met Office forecast says) and it`ll be good to compare with last night. If the good nights continue, consider having a go for golden-rod brindle in the that`ll be a cracker!

  2. Thanks, Ian - I may be just beginning to get the hang of moth photography, now! My next venture could be on the mountain on Monday night, for which the forecast is overcast and several degrees warmer.