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Friday, 12 September 2014

Nice day, little seen, but a good reward...

Like Ian I had a day with great views, and like him I only saw one Micro species.  After several hours recording bryophyte transects along the streams below Llyn y Fan Fach so as to assess the affects of low flows and/or fish-farm enrichment, I had a quick yomp up to the lake (one leaf of Potamogeton alpinus; abundant Schistidium platyphyllum on the dam).  There were plenty of individuals of an Acleris flying among the tall heather/bilberry on one section of tall-herb cliff, and I had the name Acleris caledoniana bouncing around in my mind.  Eventually I caught two, after many failed attempts due to my lack of net and the steep terrain.  They fit the bill nicely, with very narrow, acute, reddish/grey wings.  One got a little squished when I was catching it, and is now awaiting gen det confirmation of the ID.  So, only one moth species seen, but that was a first for Carms.



  1. Sam - glad that you too hardly saw any moths (I thought it was me!), but much more glad that you had a good moth record - well done...I bet you were pleased!
    I don`t know if you realise it, but your P.alpinus record is a good one too...I`m only aware of it being found at Llyn Taliaris (ages ago), so RDP would like to hear of the record. Andy Jones and the BSBI were up at Llyn y Fan Fach this summer and they MAY have found it to check.
    I have n`t checked the forecast yet, but it may be improving for night-time moth trapping - at last!

  2. PS - if you at my first (habitat/landscape) photo, you will see that the Llyn y Fan Fach cliffs are visible on the `top right` (click on pic to enlarge)....we could have communicated by smoke signals!

  3. I'm sure that will be caledoniana - it looks just like the ones I've seen at Craig Cerrig Gleisiad NNR (VC42) and Llyn Fach (VC41).

  4. Thanks both. Ian - Andy Jones found P alpinus in Llyn y Fan Fach on the BSBI walk. I was looking out for it, but still pleased to stumble across some.