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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Murder at Cwmllwyd - crime solved

A crime of insecticide has been detected at Cwmllwyd, but the perpetrator has been apprehended - it was a bug which was caught in the act, but too late to save the victim, described as a FFY Red-line Quaker. Fortunately, a sibling of the deceased escaped unscathed.

 Red-line Quaker

About 70 moths of 30 species (some still to ID) showed at two traps here last night, including two more FFY macros;

 Ear Moth Amphipoea oculea agg.

and everyone's favourite -

Merveille du Jour.

Among a small number of micros was this one, which I think is

Agonopterix arenella.

As always, happy to be corrected by our experts, including those who benefitted from the recent micro training course.