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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Moths at Saron last night

Much better night last night with 32 different species including first for the season Centre-barred Sallow and a few new ones I haven't caught before (Purple Bar, Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing and, if I have ID'd correctly (see photos below) Scalloped Hook-tip, one light coloured and one larger and darker. I struggled with the latter as the ones here did not rest 'with wings raised, tent-like' as the text in my ID book says and the picture shows. I am assuming the other is Engrailed and not sure what the dark one is (Grey Pine Carpet, Spruce Carpet?)?


  1. The carpet looks more like a grey pine carpet from the rather blurry photo, but not 100% sure. The moths in photos 2 & 3 are thorns, and look like August thorns, esp the first one. Best to await confirmation from others - I`m nervous re my photo i/d`s!

  2. As Ian says, hard to be sure about the carpet from the photo.

    Agree with Ian about the thorns.

    The last one is a Brussels Lace.


  3. Thanks both, I had other August Thorns and these two looked different - it is hard at times ID'ing! Sorry about photo quality.