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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Micros aplenty

A brief stop in the lane S of the National Botanic Garden produced 5 species of Micro and a Pinion-streaked Snout - all flying out of the hedges when I tapped them with a stick.  Also 12 species of leaf-mining Micro.  Star species was the whopping, Oak Nycteoline-lookalike Acleris sparsana, represented by 3 individuals that flew out of a Beech tree.

Earlier in the day a Diamond-backed Moth (Plutella xylostella) landed in my quadrat while I was mapping the bog SW of Tumble.  1 Silver Y and 1 Chevron were also seen, as were 14 species of leaf-mining Micro.
If it's a still day, I'd thoroughly recommend tapping a few hedges and netting whatever Micros fly out.
On a more conventional note, I've got the MV out, as that's really the only way of getting a lot of Macros, though having said that the Blackberries need a quick look.

1 comment:

  1. You make it look so easy Sam! I went out leaf-mining again yesterday (failed on Tilia once more), but got waylaid looking at a bewildering variety of willows, which I`m currently i/d-ing.
    Found something on Sorbus torminalis (which I`ve just remembered`s in my bag).
    Please keep up these very interesting `micro-blogs`, and by all means `trespass` into `IKM-land` (SN40 & 50)!