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Friday, 26 September 2014

Llansteffan Moths

I trapped on 24/9 thursday night and only had four moths Beaded Chestnut, Large Ranunculus, Square-spot Rustic and a Sallow. I wonder whether I will try again this year as it was such a poor catch.  They were lovely examples though.

I wonder if someone can help with this photo. Friends asked if I could take a photo of an insect on their willow so they can send it off to find out what it is.  I know it's not a moth or butterfly but maybe someone out there knows what they are. Some of them have wings. Many thanks.


  1. They look like the Black Willow Aphid, Pterocomma salicis.


  2. Oh great stuff, thank you for that, you saved us hours of trawling web sites.

  3. Please don't give up on trapping until at least November Mel!! Just see the small catches as a bonus because you don't need to spend long on the IDs. There are some cracking coastal moths to look out for, especially Black-banded and Brindled Ochre, plus the chance of a rare migrant. The key at this time of year is to go for warm, muggy nights.

  4. Ok I'll try over St A's again and maybe a couple more at home, it's good that Ian sends emails saying "good for trapping tonight" as it's encouragement and helpful as to what nights could be beneficial. Ta