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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Last night at Tyrwaun, Pwll

Had 33+ spp. at two traps set out at Tyrwaun last night 17/9/14. Highlights were an early satellite and 5 large ranunculus; sallow, large wainscot and black rustic were FFYs for me.

Above: one large ranunculus had particularly colourful speckling (you will have to click to enlarge to appreciate it).

              Above: the satellite - note the little white `satellite` next to the orange `moon`.

                                         Above: large wainscot.

                                         Above: black rustic.

                                          Above: Carcina quercana - an easy-to-i/d common micro.

                                         Above: Eudonia angustea?

                                         Above: Acleris notata?

           Above: any idea what they small greyish tortricid is please? to enlarge.

After checking lots of Calystegia yesterday in the Llanelli area and failing to find Bedellia somnulentella, I was pleased to chance upon it (sometimes it`s best not to look!) in a lane N of Capel Gwynfe (SN723228) today. No luck with Tilia mines though!
The forecast looks quite good tonight - I may set out the home traps, but time sadly prevents me doing an `away from home` session. Warm air from the south....promising perhaps?

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  1. Great news about the Bedellia - well done! Your Tort is a worn Celypha lacunana.