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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Improbable Places for County Firsts #1

Cross Hands Industrial Estate

A lunchtime walk to/from CoOp on Monday produced mines of Phyllonorycter viminiella and Stigmella obliquella on this clump of Osier next to the CoOp carpark at Cross Hands.  Both are new for Carmarthenshire, though I assume there are many other colonies in the SE of the county.


  1. Yes, there`s loads of planted willows, of many spp and varieties in SE Carms built-up areas.
    Trapped at Pwll last night, will blog tomorrow morning...had one or two interesting moths (but nothing `hot`). Out at Garn Goch, Bethlehem today....must go.

  2. If viminiella is now salictella then I have recorded this on a couple of occasions previously, the first time being at Sandy Water Park on 08 Sep 2001. As you've stated, there are so many opportunities to record mines at present, in sociable hours too!

  3. You're absolutely right Barry - there are 12 VC44 records of Phy. salictella. I think the Stig. is still a first.