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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Help needed please

Can someone please confirm the identity of this one caught in the porch last night.  If it is the one I think it may be it is well out of its flight season.  Thanks.


  1. Hi Sally,
    It looks like Marbled White Spot, doesn't it? Most books (and UK Moths website) say flight period is May until July, but Jon's 2006 report shows it as being found in Carms on 23 September that year. Volume 10 of MBGB&I has "Univoltine in Britain, but records in late August and September may indicate a partial second generation, which is known on the continent."

  2. Looks like one to me too. I`ve had the odd out-of-season moth, so don`t let `normal flight period` always decide matters.
    Weather currently looks ok for trapping tonight (....famous last words!).

  3. I've had several second-generation Flames recently, the favourable daytime weather is probably encouraging this trend.

  4. Thanks. I thought it was a Marbled White Spot but my ID book says May to July so way out! Also the markings slightly different to that shown in the book - the darker patch above the white but couldn't find anything else that matched.