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Monday, 22 September 2014

Back to the mines....

I had two brief stops in and around Llanelli (in SN50) this afternoon, looking for leaf mines, and also in my Pwll garden (SN40) where potential mines were found on cultivated apple and a Japanese maple.

                  1. Above: Tyrwaun, Pwll - two Acer japonica cv above, with Malus cv below.

2. Above: Tilia x europaea at Penallt, Llanelli - Bucculatrix thoracella -at last? These particular mines look a bit straighter than some seen on other leaves.

3. Above: the underside of a different lime leaf from the same locality as above. I thought at first that the white areas were fungal growths, but they are the remains of `tents`.

4. Above: this planted wild cherry (again at Penallt) is well and truly mined.

5. Above: Acer planatoides (Norway maple) at Penallt.

6. Above: another Norway maple from the same locality.

7. Above: collected at Furnace - Alnus, Acer campestre and Prunus avium again.

8. Above: on Solidago virgaurea golden-rod....these don`t `look` lepidopteran?

9. Above: not a leaf mine and nothing to do with lepidoptera, but a mature hedgerow field maple had these large galls which were not the usual smallish red ones Aceria sp. that can infest maple and sycamore...I`ll look into this one.


  1. Well done indeed Ian. It's great to get thoracella for the county. There's Lyonetia clerkella on cherry and the Phyllo on Norway M is good. I need to look at the rest on a bigger screen.

  2. Thanks Sam. If you get the chance, please have a look at that micro on my immediately preceding post and also one that I added to my post of 17/9. I suspect that the thoracella may have been obscured by that black fungal smudge on the Tilia leaves that I checked last week - I`ll re-visit. No Bedellia again on the Llanelli bindweeds today, so only that inland one at Gwynfe last week so far.

  3. Maples aren't mined; cherries and apple are Lyonetia. Alder is non-lep