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Friday, 12 September 2014

Argyresthia semitestacella

A brief stop in Cwm Hust (SN5340) on my way back from Lampeter produced just 4 adult moths, though one of these was the 2nd Carms record of Argyresthia semitestacella (a large, white-backed Argyresthia beaten from Beech).  The mine season is in full swing though: another 13 species were added to the list because of their mines, including the 3rd Carms record of Stigmella continuella (on Birch).  I'm looking forward to the moth group meeting in October and a chance to introduce a few people to the fun of staring at leaves!


  1. Interesting as always, Sam. I find your `micro blogs` very useful, even if I`m `slow on the uptake` sometimes, with some `glorious` micro mis-i/d`s! I`ll get there eventually!

  2. Nice one - only 1 Glamorgan record post 1999...

  3. I've only seen it once before, in VC35. Jon had one in carms in 2006.

  4. I've seen it in the Black Mountains, in VC35. If it had been about 50 metres further north it would've been VC42 and a new VC record.

    Also seen two in Cornwall this year.