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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Another square added to

Today I added 14 species of leaf-miner to the list for the Carms bit of SN01 (Gelli Bridge) - a fragment of a hectad at the far west of the county.  All were mundane, although Lyonetia clerkella (which I saw as an imago on the Telpyn coast) is very scattered indeed in the county away from the Llanelli coast.

I hoped I had found something exciting when I spotted these blotch mines on Creeping Cinquefoil (Potentilla reptans) - the frass was too large to be dipteran and the larvae looked lepidopteran (rather than maggoty).  It seemed to be an Ectoedemia new for the county, but lacked a linear mine before the blotches. came up with the solution: the Sawfly Fenella nigrita.  The frass is just a bit too big for a Nepticulid.  Without this excellent website I would just have assumed this was a really good Micro record.

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