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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Another false alarm...

After checking the weather forecast yesterday morning (with predictions of an all-cloudy night), I thought that, at last, we were back in good mothing weather. The overnight period here in Pwll turned out to be mixed cloud and clear spells, resulting in indifferent results with my two garden traps - the MV was pretty useless, the actinic better. It was certainly better than my really poor results last Friday, but still disappointing (just 20+ spp).

Moths caught include black arches, lime speck pug, silver y, rusty-dot pearl, purple bar, grey pine carpet and an unseasonal or second brood male buff ermine. A single large ranunculus was the first of the autumn.

                                          Above: large ranunculus.

....and what is the micro below please? (click to enlarge - thanks).
....Epinotia immundana (det. BS).


  1. Looks like Epinotia immundana, but a second opinion would be welcome. I also caught my first Large Ranunculus of the year last night and a late/second gen Buff Ermine.

  2. Disappointing here too with just Green Carpet, Silver Y, Common Marbled Carpet, Rosy Rustic, Small Wainscot, Cloaked Minor, Pink-barred Sallow, Setacious Hebrew Character, Flounced Rustic and Lesser Yellow Underwing.