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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

A short walk at Mynydd Sylen

Colin Jones has recently moved house and I took the opportunity to show him some areas close to his new home. We were only out for a about an hour and we visited the Myrtle Hill - Ffarm Fach area (SN50-06-), on the southern flanks of Mynydd Sylen not far north of Llanelli.
We saw the leaf mines of Leucoptera laburnella in some hedgerow laburnums and chanced upon some bindweed with what I believe is more Bedellia somnulentella (photo of underside of leaf showing  black frass below).

 A kite overhead was encouraging, but I was saddened to see (from a vantage point above Ffarm Fach) many wildlife-rich old rhos pastures that I knew forty years ago, now as bright green `improved` land. A grey afternoon, noticeably colder and with a cooling breeze - a change is certainly evident in the weather. The heavy rain that is forecast for the first part of tonight will probably make my planned trapping impractical.

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  1. Well done on more Bedellia Ian. I haven't bumped into any more.