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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Cloudy Night at Pwll....

The forecast cloudy and warm night was indeed so last night and it resulted in increased numbers of moths than of late. As with all traps this time of year, anything interesting had to jostle for space with hordes of large yellow underwings, as well as numerous water boatmen, many shieldbugs and a more welcome orange ladybird.
There were eight silver y`s and a single rusty dot pearl but nothing more appetizing in migratory terms; light emeralds were well represented, as were dusky thorns. A little variety was added by a peach blossom, a gold spot, a pale mottled willow, rosy rustic, pinion-streaked snout and what I think is a grey pine carpet.

                                            Above: peach blossom (on Daphne odorata).

                                         Above: gold spot.

                                         Above: pale mottled willow.

                                         Above: grey pine carpet?

Among the micros were the following (please confirm/correct or offer i/d please; click on numbered pics to enlarge):

                                          Above: 1. Cydia striana?
                                         Above: 2. Celypha lacunana?
                                         Above: 3. -  possibly Eucosma obumbratana?
                                         Above: 4 -...possibly Calybites phasianipenella var quadrella?

Thanks in advance for any micro i/d help...I`m particularly unsure re. 3 & 4 above!

Postscript: For local moth recorders who also get shieldbugs, the ones in last night`s trap were: red-legged shieldbug Pentatoma rufipes (exiting the trap in the top photo below) and birch shieldbug Elasmostethus interstictus (lower photo below); both are common species (note that there are several similar species to the latter green-coloured birch shieldbug).


  1. 1 & 2. Yes (though 1 is also Celypha not Cydia).
    3. Bactra, probably lancealana
    4. Parornix sp. (whereas Mel's is actually Calybites).

    Oddly, I had the same shieldbugs as you in my Cardiff trap. In fact I had 17 Birch Shieldbugs, far more than I've ever had in the trap previously.

  2. Thanks George, that's exactly what I was going to say :-)

  3. I would only add that you really need to check the antennae to separate males of Grey Pine Carpet and Spruce Carpet - not that anyone does.